Whether the sun’s out or not, get your guns out and build bigger biceps and triceps with this superset routine.

There’s nothing like rocking a t-shirt or tank top when you’ve got a great pair of pipes to show off. Well-developed biceps and triceps are one of the most visible signs of a jacked physique.

If bigger, more defined arms are what you want (and I know you do!), you need to train your bi’s and tri’s the right way – not just intensely, but intelligently. The below workout will help you do just that, and it’s appropriate for individuals of all levels, beginner to advanced.

Do this biceps and triceps routine once or twice a week for at least a couple months, and I guarantee your t-shirts and tank tops will fit a whole lot better – and tighter!

Arm Training – Not Just for Guys

Women often prioritize leg and glute workouts (and rightfully so), whereas men invest more time into biceps and triceps. But just as a man looks better in a T-shirt or tank top when he’s got a great pair of guns, a girl who puts in more time and effort on arm day will pull off a bikini top or strapless dress that much better.

In other words, the below arm workout is just as suitable for women as men. So ladies, have at it!

Arm Workout Overview

The arm workout you’ll be doing consists of six total exercises, broken down into three biceps/triceps supersets. A superset is defined as two exercises performed back to back with no rest. It’s a great technique that’s been shown in scientific studies to boost muscle size and strength, and it will also save you time in the gym due to the shortened rest periods.

The exercises I selected for this workout train the arm muscles from various angles using three different types of equipment to exhaust every last muscle fiber of the biceps and triceps.

You’ll start with a pair of barbell exercises (barbell curls and close-grip bench press) to focus on adding size right off the bat.

Then, you’ll move to dumbbells (skull crushers for triceps, preacher curls for biceps) while changing the position of the upper arms to target different areas of the muscles.

You’ll finish the workout at the cable station to fully exhaust the bi’s and tri’s, while also getting some forearm work via hammer curls.

The rep ranges in this routine are all effective for increasing both muscle size and definition, with the heaviest sets performed for 8 reps, and the lighter sets for up to 20 reps. I recommend taking each set to muscle failure or very close to it. When it comes to building muscle, research shows that the number of reps you do isn’t as important as whether or not you take sets to failure; when you train to failure, you build muscle. Plain and simple.

How to Customize the Workout Based off Your Training Experience

If you’re a beginner with less than 6 months of training experience, I recommend starting off by doing this workout only one time per week. Do that for a couple weeks, and if you feel like you can handle more, step it up to twice a week.

I also recommend that beginners do fewer sets than is listed below – 2 or 3 sets per exercise (instead of 4) for Superset #1; 2 sets for Superset #2; and 2 sets for Superset #3.

If you’re an intermediate lifter (6 months up to 2 years) or advanced (more than 2 years), feel free to do this workout twice a week at full volume.

Bigger & Better Arms Superset Workout

Exercise Sets Reps

Superset #1

Barbell Curl (wide grip and narrow grip)* +



Close-Grip Bench Press



Superset #2

Dumbbell Skull Crusher +



Dumbbell Preacher Curl



Superset #3

Cable Hammer Curl +



Cable Triceps Pressdown



February 10, 2022