Sway Fitness SHEESH Instant Energy



Whether you’re on your way to work, studying, bout to hit a lift, gaming with the homies, or just need a pick-me-up, SHEESHH is what you need to stay on top of your game. Slam a SHEESHH to get a quick bump in your energy levels and laser-like focus to your brain and body. The best part is it literally melts in your mouth!

Product Description

The Energy Stick That Comes in Clutch
Simple… Stacked… and Hella Delicious

When looking to create the ultimate energy and focus supplement to fit a busy lifestyle, we knew it had to be something different, something unique, and unlike the worn-out, boring products on the market today. And what we came up with… is sick!

If you don’t want to lug drinks, water, or a shaker around but want the freedom to fly, SHEESHH Energy Sticks are the only move!

It’s an instant energy rush that easily slips into a bag or even a pocket to go where you want so you can vibe on a higher frequency. Use it to start your day, to get you through the 3pm lulz in your day, or even before you make an appearance at the afterparty. Simply tear open the energy stick, pour it into your mouth, and experience the immediate melting effect that takes place thanks to the “fast-melt” agent that coats the powder. You can even take a swig of water to help get it down.

Sway Fitness SHEESHH Energy Sticks use a perfect matrix of high-quality ingredients that work together to create a dope formula that boosts energy and heightens focus. We’ve got a hitter on our hands, fellas.

Sway Fitness SHEESHH Energy Sticks can provide you with:

  • Killer energy
  • Laser-like mental focus
  • Electrolytes and essential minerals
  • Bomb flavors
  • Melt in your mouth technology
  • Full disclosure label

Lift to Live!

Key Micronutrients

Vitamin C


When it comes to various micronutrients (vitamins and minerals), vitamin C is one that your body is unable to produce on its own. Therefore, it needs to come from food or supplements. This particular vitamin has many different benefits that you can experience, which is why it’s added to Sway Fitness SHEESHH Energy Sticks. For those who are health-conscious and exercise, vitamin C plays a role in helping to repair connective tissue (muscles) and aids in cell growth. Additionally, those who exercise frequently and are always active could have a higher level of stress that can take a toll on the immune system. Vitamin C helps boost the immune system to help keep you healthy and fight off foreign pathogens that enter the system and can do the body harm.



Also known as vitamin B3, niacin can help keep you energized by helping to convert the food you eat into a usable energy source. Additionally, niacin can support healthy brain function and improve overall cognitive performance, including things like focus. When used before workouts, niacin plays a role in enhancing vasodilation, which is what creates the pump you achieve through lifting weights. Even if you aren’t working out when you take niacin, it can still help improve oxygen and nutrient transport throughout the body by increasing blood flow.

Vitamin B6


Vitamin B6 is responsible for many things in your body. First off, it can boost the immune system to help keep you healthy. Second, it can aid with muscle recovery. It can also help with other various roles, such as improving mood, enhancing brain health, building new red blood cells, and supporting your body’s ability to metabolize amino acids in the food you eat.

Vitamin B12


When looking for a boost in energy throughout the day, Sway Fitness SHEESHH Energy Sticks utilize vitamin B12 to provide a natural enhancement while also offering many other health and performance benefits. Vitamin B12 can help with red blood cell formation, bone health, mood, and memory. This vitamin cannot be made by the body and, therefore, would need to come from a food or supplement source.

Performance Ingredients



Caffeine is one of the most commonly used stimulants on the planet, and for a good reason — it works! Caffeine has many benefits when it comes to being used in energy formulations, such as its ability to increase energy, heighten focus, stimulate fat-burning, improve endurance, maximize performance, and enhance recovery, which is why it was an essential ingredient to add to the Sway Fitness SHEESHH Energy Sticks.



To stay productive, get things done, and perform optimally, you need to have a clear head. L-Theanine is a helpful amino acid that can reduce stress, promote relaxation, improve mood, enhance concentration, boost energy, increase blood flow, heighten alertness, support mental regeneration, and maximize workout performance

Huperzine A


To get the most out of your workouts and overall performance, you need to be completely focused. That’s where a powerful nootropic like huperzine A truly shines. If you’ve ever heard of the “mind-muscle connection,” you know that you want to be able to feel the muscle working every single rep to ensure you’re stimulating the muscle fibers. Huperzine A helps you get dialed in and focused while also being able to improve memory, heighten cognitive functioning, boost alertness, and increase REM sleep.

Pantothenic Acid


Pantothenic Acid (also known as vitamin B5) is not a commonly talked about ingredient in formulas, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have its own set of benefits. Supplementing with pantothenic acid can help your body break down the carbohydrates, fats, and protein you consume, and convert them into energy. Not only does this boost your energy levels, but it also helps improve muscle recovery.

Hydration Ingredients



Sodium is a nutrient that gets a bad rap, mainly because it’s misunderstood. Your body needs sodium to allow bodily functions and processes to take place. It is also a critical electrolyte to help maintain proper hydration levels. By providing your body with a source of sodium, you can improve muscle contractions, enhance nerve transmission, and boost athletic performance.



Like sodium, potassium is one of the key electrolytes needed to help manage and promote healthy and safe hydration levels. In addition, potassium can help keep bones strong and healthy while also helping your nerves send signals throughout the body to aid in muscle contraction. Potassium can also take the carbohydrates you consume and store them to help fuel your muscles during workouts.

How to Use Sway Fitness SHEESHH Energy Sticks

As a dietary supplement, mix contents of one (1) packet of SHEESHH in 1-3 oz. of water and drink.